Smart Speech Pathology - Innovative speech therapy services for children of all ages

Smart Speech Pathology is a private Speech Pathology practice, specialising in assessment and therapy for infants, toddlers, preschool and school age children who have difficulties with:

  • Late talkers - language stimulation
  • Language delays & disorders - expressive & comprehension
  • School age language difficulties
  • Pragmatic language & social skills
  • Articulation - speech sounds & speech difficulties
  • Phonological and phonemic awareness
  • Literacy – reading, writing & spelling
Feeding & Oral motor
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Fussy eaters & restricted diets
  • Difficulty coordinating movements of the mouth required for feeding
  • Dribbling
  • Tongue thrust

Assessment and therapy services are available from clinic in Bibra Lake.  Home, school or child care visits can also be arranged if required.
During your initial assessment, a range of assessment tools will be used depending on your child's individual needs. This may include observation of your child during play, and a combination of formal (norm referenced standardised tests) and informal tools. At the conclusion of the session, you will be provided with a summary of the assessment findings, and recommendations will be provided for your child.
Therapy may be recommended to help your child achieve their speech and language goals. Therapy will be conducted in fun, play context. Home practice is crucial to your child's therapy program, and practical and achievable ideas will be provided during each therapy session.
School Screenings
Screenings can be arranged for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students.  The screening will include a summary of a child’s understanding of concepts and instructions (comprehension), grammar (syntax), words or vocabulary (semantics), story skills (narrative), speech sound production (articulation) and manipulation of sounds and words (phonological awareness).  The purpose of screening programs is to identify difficulties as early as possible.  Please call 9418 8000 if you would like an information package for school screenings.
Learning should be fun! We will always endeavour to ensure your child finds each session enjoyable and motivating.  Each child has different needs, and our aim will always be to obtain the best results for your child and your family. Please talk to us directly to identify what you and your child are having trouble with and we will work together with you to find the right treatment plan to suit your needs.